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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  June 12, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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issue predicts there will be a special session of the legislature called here in annapolis in early july. in the spotlight, national harbor on the banks of the potomac. >> today, county executive once a gambling opponent said considering more gambling in maryland, he's an enthusiastic support err. >> what changed in prince georges county? >> one, a statewide referendum, where people got a chance to vote on whether they have gaming or not. that passed in prince georges county. >> all this is happening less than a week after the opening of the new maryland live casino just 33 miles away. the developer here fighting bitterly to stop national harbor. >> percentage of revenue. >> a new study released today says maryland can economically
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support both, especially if table games like blackjack and craps are added into the mix. some legislatures drooling over the newly predicted, $161 million a year in additional tax revenue if it goes through. in prince georges county. the bottom line is this, the county government is broke. and it would take a 10% hike in property taxes to bring in as much new money as gambling would. at the state house in annapolis, scott broom, 9news now. >> that is a pretty telling statistic. maryland is one of 39 states offering casino gaming. more than 340,000 americans now work in the casino industry and the bureau of labor statistics expects that to grow by 13% in the next eight years. today's rain -- leading our weather team to declare a code yellow alert. topper is in the weather center tracking when it can all end. top. >> code yellow will stay until
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midnight. let's start with live doppler 9,000. you can access this any time on our website. most of the activity is to the east of us. that's what was here late this morning and this afternoon. we are dry around the immediate metro area. i want to point out showers and thunderstorms off to the north and west. back to romney. where will these go in the next hour? they'll move south and east and hold together. moving down 522, headed towards hagerstown. head to our western suburbs by about 8:30 or 9:00. we'll come back and talk about when the showers completely end and our 9 weather alert code for the next three days. >> thank you, topper. 9 wants to know why the police who is now charged with murder did noted face a significant punishment for a previous case of excessive force. >> i'm peggy fox. just four months before culpeper police officer, daniel harmon-wright shot and killed patricia cook, who was unarmed, the officer used excessive
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force on the wilson family. >> came out of my room and had his gun in my face. it was terrifying. >> harmon-wright was searching for patrick's younger brother. court documents say harmon- wright drew his gun and be demanded he be inside. the boy's mother was scared and said no. >> he had no right to be in there. >> a former police officer. officer harmon-wright's only punishment concerning the incident was this letter of reprimand. he would have had to receive additional training. >> i think they would have considered that a major violation. if nothing else from the point of liability for the police department. >> peggy fox, 9news now. u.s. attorney general, eric holder, faced some angry questions ands for his
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resignation. today's hearing focused on top secret information leaked to the press and how the justice department is handling the investigation. >> the attorney general on the hot seat before the senate judiciary committee defended his decision to use u.s. attorneys to investigate leaks of highly classified information. >> a great faith in the abilities and integrity of these two gentleman. >> republican senator insisted attorney general, eric holder, should have appointed an outside council. >> but senator, i think you are missing something here. the special -- >> i think you're missing the fact that this is a very big deal. and you are howling in a way that creates suspicions where they should not be. >> committee chairman and other democrats defended holder. >> before we prejudge the u.s. attorney is going to do, let's see how they do. >> the leaks to reporters involved secret information about iran's nuclear program and operations against terrorists. in contrast to holder's other
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battle over a controversial illegal weapons program, called fast and furious. >> you have one program that has been an embarrassment to the administration and it's been like pulling teeth to get information about fast and furious. who knew what and when? >> house republicans want to take a vote to hold the attorney general in contempt of congress. holder has offered to sit down and negotiate with them before that happens. >> i extended my hand and am waiting to hear back. >> attorney general said he believes he has the confidence of the president. randall, cbs news. >> if president obama needed to find a spirited cheerleader, he didn't have to look far. how about just up the road? governor martin o'malley led a fundraiser for president obama and here is the governor in his introductory remarks. >> president obama is moving america forward, not back.
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he stepped in, rescued the auto industry, american manufacturing started hiring again. gm's number one. and because president obama is moving us forward, not back. >> o'malley estimated today's fundraiser would bring in more than $1 million for the obama campaign. derek. >> a man is recovering tonight after being attacked by two dogs along 36th street near bening road in the district this morning. >> i'm kristin fisher in northeast washington. this is where two dogs described as rottweiler, pit bull mixes attacked 74-year-old sunny bell on his way to work. >> the dog was mauling him. one had him by his skull trying to rip. >> they were biting him like they were breakfast, lunch, and dinner. >> he was rushed to the hospital with bites all over his body and a broken arm. the dogs ran back the same way they got out. through this gap in the gate in
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the towing pro parking lot. >> part of this business here. >> neighbors say they are notoriously vicious guard dogs. >> the dogs escaped on many mornings and terrorized people on many occasions. i have no reason as to why the city hasn't responded quicker in removing these animals. >> especially since towing pro is one of the police department's many contract tow lots. but police say -- >> i have not received any complaints. it's not to say there have not been some instances. i haven't received any complaints about dogs from this accomplishment. >> one of the dog's owners was issued $50 citations, but that's it. he sped off refusing to answer why he let his dogs run loose for so long. >> what would you like to see happen to these dogs and the dog's owner? >> sue and kill the dogs. >> the dogs are in animal control custody while d.c. police and animal control continue to investigate.
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in northeast washington, kristin fisher, 9news now. >> coming up on 9news now at 7:00, battleground virginia. susan page of u.s.a. today joins me live to talk about the president's impact on the senate race in the old dominion. >> still ahead, it's been classified as possibly causing cancer for two decades. we'll have a look at the new information that makes the link between diesel fuel and cancer more concrete. but first, the cost of being a daredevil. a look at the tab frtsdz week's attempt to cross niagra falls by tight rope. that's coming up.
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nick says it will cost him $1.2 million to cover all of the costs of his walk on friday over niagra falls. that pays for construction and installation of a custom made steel wire, security travel,
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and other items. it will offset some of the costs, but not all of them. he is fund raising over the internet. and he performed a high wire walk over baltimore's inner harbor we showed you last month to promote the opening of a new museum. fireworks are always a big payoff for the fourth of july celebration, but the concert on the west lawn of the capital sets the stage for that big finale. matthew brodrick, singer josh turner, composure, john williams, will be the headliners. now two cute kittens of a rare breed. last month was the first time the endangered fishing cats successfully bred and produced young at the national zoo. only one other facility has been credited. fishing cats have been vanishing from their native areas, but the zoo is trying to
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save them. the cats will be available later this summer. still ahead tonight, another threat from ticks, aside from lyme disease. we'll tell you what you need to keep an eye out for when we come back.
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the polls will be open for another 45 minutes in virginia. voters are casting ballots in the u.s. house, u.s. senate, and alexandria city council races. we'll bring you the results tonight at 11:00. a second day of testimony in the child sex abuse trial of jerry sandusky. he is the former assistant football coach at penn state accused of molesting ten boys over a span of 15 years. among today's witnesses, sandusky's former coaching colleague. he testified he once saw sandusky with a young boy propped up against a wall in a campus shower. he denies any molestation occurred. >> the fate of pitching star,
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roger clemens, is in the hands of a jury. for nearly nine weeks now, clemens has been on trial charged with lying to congress when he denied using performance enhancing drugs. the case went to the jury today after prosecutors and defense attorneys delivered their closing arguments. a florida task force today held a public hearing on that state's stand your ground law. that's the law that allows people to use deadly force if they feel they are at risk for being killed or seriously injured. appearing before the task force, the parents of teen, trayvon martin. now neighborhood watch volunteer, george zimmerman, is accused of murdering the unarmed 17-year-old. zimmerman claimed he acted in self-defense under the stand your ground statute. trayvon martin's parents told the task force, someone who initiated confrontation should not be allowed to invoke that law as a defense. >> d.c. is now a big step closer to legal pot. now that the health department
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approved locations and owners for medical marijuana dispensaries. >> bruce leshan in downtown d.c. this location, just a few blocks from the white house, is one of four locations approved by d.c. today for medical marijuana dispensaries. legal pot in the district could now be just weeks away. >> you see the sign outside and the walk in? and they want to buy two or three bottles at a time. >> just like the moon shine, his liquor sales. marijuana is moving from illegal to legal. but sing says the city is enforcing far more restrictions on the marijuana dispensary that is going in in the strip mall he owns. >> health department registration, registration with the wellness center. >> another pot dispensary will go into a still struggling neighborhood on north capital the. within view of the new atf
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headquarters and blocks from the u.s. capital. a third is approved for 8th street southeast. barracks row on capitol hill. >> d.c. got enough drugs in it. >> bruce leshan, 9news now. a health alert about a threat that could be as serious as second-hand smoke. today, the world health organization said diesel fumes do cause cancer. the rinse k risk from the fumes is small, but it is shifting their designation from probable carcinogen to just carcinogens. : we know getting bitten by a tick can lead to lyme disease, but what about allergies? that's what researchers are studying after several people apparently became allergic to red meat after being bitten by a tick. >> completely new form of food allergy in which you eat beef or pork or lamb and three or
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four hours later, you develop hives. >> researchers say they are 98% positive the culprit is the lone star tick, which is native to the southeastern u.s. they are trying to figure out what causes the bite or what causes what about to bite, i should say. causes the allergy. that's mysterious. >> yes, it is. >> we would like to know more about that. >> that's right. what do you have going? >> a frontal system to the west. sot showers and storms are not done yet. in the meantime, they are getting stronger out to the west. we are monitoring storms out in the mountains. still live weather cam. it's brought to you by michael and son. you see the clouds, temperatures 77. that was the high so far today. dew points in the 70s. that's miserable. we were kind of spoiled last week with dew points in the 40s and 40s. winds out of the south at 8. and still falling at this hour.
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it will fall until the front goes through around midnight. this is the first batch of rain and showers. still toward baltimore and up 95 on the way to philly. this is the second line of showers and thunderstorms west of i-81. you have been monitoring for two hours now. they are becoming intense, better organized, too. around hancock, also romney. we'll put this into motion. we expect the storms to move out and east crossing 81 around martinsburg with heavy rain. right now, nothing severe. this is why we declared today a code yellow. in winchester, we get into the act in an hour and 15 minutes and eventually, places like frederick and leesburg. you will also get into the act with showers and thunderstorms. widen out the radar and you can see the storms go into west virginia and petersburg. so, the front is still well to the west of us. it will take another 6 or so hours to get through here. the temperatures are nice, it's
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humid. 74 in bethesda. 75 in rockville. 77 in great falls. looking at 76 in springfield. 78 in college park and 74 in beltsville. so, here's the deal. showers and storms ending tonight, becoming windy. grab your shades for wednesday. it will be seasonal on wednesday. a few more clouds come in on thursday. so for tonight, showers and storms ending. again, around midnight. mostly cloudy, breezy, and comfortable. and winds become northwesterly at 10 to 15. that's when we know the front will go through. the next three days, green, green, and green. 80 tomorrow. maybe a few clouds and partly sunny on friday. because of this easterly flow, a little bit of cloud cover returns on thursday and friday, but keep them dry for now and keep them green. next seven days, saturday, maybe a shower. easterly flow continues. for dad, not bad. partly cloudy, 80. warming up a little bit. low 80s on wednesday and perhaps an afternoon shower or
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thunderstorm next tuesday. >> all right, we have heard a lot from rg3, but today we heard him say two words when the team actually takes on their opponent. no fear. right kristen? >> reporter: no fear. those were his words today. i mean, we have heard him say no pressure, no diamonds. he has all those win liners. all members here at practice today for minicamp, rg3 getting a chance to meet those he has yet to meet. mike shanahan will talk about how rg3 is progressing and how his teammates are rallying around him. plus, you can't forget about the defense. the captain talks next when sports returns.
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now, 9sports with kristen berset. the best sports in town. >> welcome back. we are live at redskins park in ashburn. the redskins back in full force today. their first mandatory minicamp. all 90 players on the field. and what would be a redskin story if we didn't talk about rg3? robert griffin iii, of course there is no pads and no tackling today, but the speed of practice really seems to have picked up. rg3 getting more and more comfortable with the skins offense. that is thanks not only to his coaches, but also his teammates. mike shanahan said rg3 is a good student of the game. his teammates are helping him
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learn. >> you have to know what's going to happen before it happens. if you don't, the chances of being successful no matter what position you're at, it's not going to be very good. >> you need guys on your side that aren't looking to stab you in the back. looking to help build the whole franchise up and you know, santana is one of those guys. like i said, it's a dream to play with guys like him. >> there has been so much talk of the offense. you know, i talked with london fletcher after practice today. the captain of this defense. he said he realizes there's a lot of buzz surrounding this team. specifically the offense. says that the defense is staying grounded and working hard. >> you know, definitely picked up. but we understand we have to come out and work each and every day to get better. and each day improves. >> now the redskins, this is their last week of practice
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until the end of july. i want to switch gears to basketball. the wizards are back on the court as well. at least those hoping to possibly become a wiz sadr in the near future. they worked out a set, and began evaluating during the predraft workout. one guy familiar with the verison center, of course, jason clark. former guard at georgetown. he was one of six guys that ernie wanted to see. >> it's stressful, tiring, but this is what you play basketball the whole life for. so i'm just going to keep pushing. try to gate job. >> now the nba finals kick off tonight as well. game one between the oklahoma city thunder and the miami heat. that game is in oklahoma city. lebron and company knocked out
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boston on saturday to advance. that's going to be a good game.


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